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USCIS Medical Exam and Vaccination when applying for Green Card

I got done my medical examination required by USCIS when applying for I-485. I am going to share the general process, experience about my examination and some general suggestions.

Disclaimer(10-Oct-2011): This is my personal experience and, the information and process may change in future. So always check with USCIS website and/or immigration attorney for the latest information/guidelines. Also my medical experience (Adult-M) shouldn’t be taken as medical advice.

Let’s begin…

Visit USCIS Website:

Go to the USCIS website for current requirements on medical exams. Or Search for USCIS Medical Exams to get the latest link, in case the above link is broken.

Find a Medical Doctor (Civil Surgeon):

First thing you would need to do is to find a doctor approved by USCIS who can perform the required medical exam. These are the only doctors who are authorized to sign the I-693 form. So make sure you go to one of the doctor found on the USCIS website.

Make an appointment:

Call one of the doctors in the list and make an appointment. You might have to call couple doctors to get an appointment as early as possible. I called like 4 doctors. I got a next day appointment with a doctor who was at U.S. HealthWorks (I got that doctor’s contact information from USCIS’s website).

When you call for an appointment make sure you are making appointment with right doctor and mention that it is for immigration medical examination and ask what all you need to bring with you. When I asked them, they informed to bring all the forms and health records. So one thing was clear that they were aware of the process.

Important: Mostly immigration medical exams are not covered by health insurance plans and you will end up paying it from your pocket. Ask for their fees when you call to make an appointment. Vaccines might be covered by insurance if the doctor you are visiting accepts insurance. Read further about my experience for more information.

Fill form I-693

Important Update(10/31/2011): New I693 effective Nov 1st, 2011

On the USCIS website you will find the Form I-693 along with instructions. Download the form and fill the information in Part-1. Do not sign or date the form. Follow the instructions. It is just basic information. Print the form. Possibly take it with you in a USB drive.

What to take with you at the time of appointment

  • Form I-693
  • Govt. issued Photo ID (Driver’s License  or Passport)
  • Vaccination Records (Immunization Card / Records from doctor in your country, etc.)
  • Any other medical records you think might be helpful to prove your health condition

It is good to carry stuff with you instead of going back to resubmit them. Doctor will not sign the form unless he/she is able to fill necessary details and has proof of vaccinations.

My Experience

So far it was just general information and boring. Here comes fun part of this post, my story.

At Civil Surgeon’s office (Day 1):

Went to the civil surgeon’s office. As usual, since it was my first visit in that office I had to fill few forms – personal info and medical history, allergies, etc. Since these exams are not covered by health insurance plans, I had to pay $120. Then the lady helping me asked for form I-693 and my Immunization Card (I was like what’s that?). I said I don’t have one but I had a couple years old letter from my doctor in India that stated that I was vaccinated for Tetanus(Dose1) and Hepatitis-B(Dose1) on so and so date and next doses are due on so and so date. She took the photocopy and returned me the original. Again waiting…

Immunization Card: That’s the card that carries the records about when, where and what vaccinations you got. Search the web if you want more information.

A nurse called my name and I followed her (NO not on twitter). First was eye examination. Asked me to read some letters on wall from a distance and on a machine. Then asked me to recognize colors(red,green,yellow and blue). It sounded like I was in kindergarten. First read some alphabets and then colors. Then came height and weight, and urine sample. Yes, keep some stock in your bladder. Don’t empty everything in advance but again you won’t need a gallon. Then came blood pressure. Again wait….

Then came another nurse and gave me TB test injection. If you don’t know what it’s like then for your information, you will see a boil at the place where you were injected. It will go down in sometime.  Nurse informed me that I need to come back a day after, so they can see the results. No appointment needed.  Again wait…. – “doctor will come and see you.”

Then comes the doctor. Looked at my file. Deep breathe in-out, check my ears and tongue. Asked to take out the my shirt and pants and lie on the bed. He poked me on side of my stomach and then hit with small hammer on my knees. Stand up and then bend down and back up. Then tested for hernia. Touched the testicles and asked to cough. Put my clothes on. Ok all testing done.

Then he looked at my vaccination records and told me I only had my first dose of tetanus and Hep-B and don’t have record for any other required vaccines. So I need to get those. I told him I got MMR but don’t have a record but he still asked me to get following shots and then only he can sign my form:

Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis)

– Hepatitis-A

– Hepatitis-B

– MMR (Measels, Mumps and Rubella)


– Flu shot

He said their office doesn’t accept insurance and I will have to pay out-of-pocket if I want to get those shots right there and then. Or I can go to my primary doctor or any other doctor who is approved by my insurance and get those shots. Then bring back my Immunization Card so he can verify and complete the I693 form.

Then he asked me to sign and date in the Part1 of form I-693. Remember, my message in red above.

Then came another nurse who took my blood sample. Not sure for what. Ok that was it. I took down all the required vaccine names and left the office. Remember I have to come back for my TB thing a day after.

Note: On I693 Part-2 #5-Vaccinations section has list of required vaccines. You might not need all of them depending on your age and/or if you were vaccinated in past. It will depend on your personal medical history.

Called Health Insurance:

So I come out of the surgeon’s office and I called my health insurance to confirm they will cover the cost of the vaccination. The agent took time to find each vaccine and told they fall under “Preventive Medical Care” and should be covered. If they ask why you want them, tell your physician recommended.

Make appointment for vaccination

Then started looking for physicians on my insurance’s website. Found few nearby and started calling them. First one didn’t have any appointment for a week. Second one had an appointment but said they weren’t carrying 2 of the required vaccines. I was shocked hearing that response. Anyway, the third call got me a next day appointment and I confirmed they had all the vaccines I need. All set.

Going for Vaccination (Day 2):

As usual all form filling, paying co-pay, height,weight,blood pressure, etc. Then comes the doctor and asked what all vaccinations are needed and why. I told all the six and told I need it for immigration purpose. She asked me when I had my tetanus vaccine. I told here the date and told I had only one dose. Same for HepB. Never had HepA. So she told I then need Tdap, HepA and HepB. Then asked if I had Chickenpox in childhood. Oh, hell yes. Who can forget that experience. She said then I don’t need Varicella because my body will be now naturally immune to chickenpox. But I said, no I need the proof so I need it. So she said that she recommends first antibody titer, i.e. lab test to determine immunity against chickenpox. Then I asked what about MMR, I need that too. I had it few years back but don’t have a record. Then she said that she will ask for MMR check as well in the antibody titer test. Then if I need it she will give those shots. At the end she said, I should come back after 6 months to get my remaining doses of HepA and HepB.

Then the nurse comes and I got four out of the six shots that day (Tdap, HepA/B and flushot), two on each hand. Then she handed me two papers: One had my information and what tests are needed for antibody titer and the another paper was list of lab locations. I can go to any of those lab and give my blood sample. She also gave me my Immunization Card (Ahhh.. now I know what it looks like). It has information about the shots I got.

Cool… now head over to the labs.

Lab test for antibody titer:

Called the nearest lab location from the list I got and they said I can come anytime. I said, be there in 10 mins. Went there and they took my blood sample. They also took my insurance card copy. Paid nothing there, no copay. The nurse told that the report will be sent to my doctor(where I got vaccination) in 3-4 days. I wasn’t happy to wait for that long, but had no choice.

Back to Civil Surgeon for TB results(Day 3):

On third day of my medical exam journey, I was back to civil surgeon’s office. This time no appointment was needed and was the first one – early morning. The nurse got me in. Looked at my arm where I was injected for TB and it was all clear. She opened my file and did something.

Then I showed her my Immunization Card and she took a photocopy. I told what the physician told me about MMR and Varicella. She said, I need to submit the lab report once it’s in or in case I have to take those shots, will need to present the Immunization Card with those updated records. She also told me it won’t take 3-4 days for that test.

Lab reports(Day 4):

Next day I got call from a nurse at the physicians office that my lab report is in and I am immune to those two diseases and won’t need the other two vaccines. She said, she will mail me a copy but I said I will pick it up. I went to the office, picked up my lab report and headed straight to civil surgeon’s office.

The nurse took my report and asked to wait for doctor to complete I-693.

Important Note: Doctor will sign and seal the form I-693 in an envelop. Do not accept if the form is NOT in a sealed envelop. Don’t forget to ask them that you need a copy of everything. This way you have it for your record and also make sure there weren’t any mistakes.

Yeah, so that was it. Happy ending.


These are some of the suggestions based on my experience. Don’t take it as legal or medical advice.

1:  Check the list of vaccinations on I-693. See what records you have. Just take it to your physician on you regular visit and get all the shots that applies to you. Most of those are valid for years or may need once per lifetime.

2: If possible/feasible, try to get an appointment with a USCIS approved doctor that is also an in-network doctor for your insurance. That way, if you need any vaccination, you can get it right there and then.

3: In case you have to go to a separate physician to get vaccines, confirm with them that they are carrying those vaccines. You don’t want to go there and end up with getting no shots.

Vaccination Cost (Updated – 10/26/2011)

I looked at my insurance claims and here’s what the physician charged for vaccinations and what the lab charged for antibody titer. My insurance covered all vaccination related costs and I just paid my office visit of $25. But for those who don’t have insurance or the insurance that doesn’t cover immunization this might be helpful.


Office visit:  $90 – I paid $25 and insurance paid $40.

Vaccines: $330 – I paid $0 and insurance paid $250

Here’s the breakdown where the first amount is the actual cost of the vaccine and second amount I think is the doctor’s charge for administering them.

Vaccine1: $65 + $30

Vaccine2: $95 + $15

Vaccine3: $70 + $15

Flu shot:  $25 + $15

Vaccines administered were HepA, HepB and Tdap but my insurance statement doesn’t list out the names and so I don’t know what amount correlates to each of them.

Lab for antibody titer:

The lab charged $450 for test for MMR and Varicella (chicken pox) to my insurance. They actually charged about $110+ for each test, total of 4. I paid $0 and my insurance paid $33 (isn’t it shocking?).

Update (02/10/2010):

I just came across other bolg that people do get RFE if they didn’t get the flushot, if they were filing during the flu season(Oct-March).

Ending the story

Hope this helps. Feel free to share your experience or suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


USCIS – Immigration Medical Exams

USCIS – Find a Medical Doctor (Civil Surgeon)

USCIS – I-693 Form

Q’s Immigration Blog –Vaccinations (You can post your questions related to vaccinations here)

Doctors Reference:

NOTE: This is from the comments shared by the readers of this blog. Please check the USCIS website to make sure the surgeon is on their list.

  1. Sam
    December 17, 2016 at 3:18 am


    I have taken MMR vaccine 13 years ago. If I have the proof can I submit that? Or should these vaccines be taken recently?
    My wife need to take these vaccines though. Right now we are in our home country for a visit. Can she cover all the vaccines within a week?
    Finally, can we request to reimburse the cost of the vaccines with our insurance when we return to the states?

  2. John
    December 7, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    I recognize this entire thread is old, but it does come up as number six on a Google search for ‘I-693 immunization requirements,’ so I thought I’d but my two cents in.

    My wife and our two children, hers from a previous marriage, are currently in the AOS process – they are collectively Philippines and Singapore citizens and permanent residents. She has her records, but they aren’t complete as per the 693 requirements. The children are both up to date from Singapore, but we cannot get their records from the ministry of health there.

    I printed out the spreadsheet of require vaccinations for immigration on the CDC website which provides a better breakdown than the USCIS, then we went to a DHH children’s vaccine clinic on Jefferson Blvd. in Dallas Texas. I compared the requirements for 693 with the normal vaccines they provide to children of our kids age , 10 and 13, and the requirements match the standard vaccination regimen for U.S. kids. We had them give all the shots. My 13 year old son had 8 shots, my 10 year old daughter had 7 – that’s including the flu vaccine. It was $10 per kid, $20 total. For the whole thing. They are not on my insurance – not that it would cover it anyway.

    Then we went down to the main DHH office at 2377 N Stemmons Fwy, went to the third floor, and got the TB test. $30 each, $90 total. Have to get it done either before, or the same day of, your vaccinations, otherwise you’ll get a false positive. Then went downstairs to the first floor and got 4 shots for my wife, to fill up the gaps in her current paperwork. They also, and this is a big deal, transcribed her personal immunization record from her little book into their main printout, so now all old and all new vaccinations are on the same U.S. DHH document – so no money-grubbing civil surgeon can say he ‘won’t accept vaccines from Singapore.’ For the four shots, MMR, Varicella, Flu, and something else I can’t remember, they charged me $30. Including the transcription.

    We were tortured over getting our kids to go through the whole round of shots again, and tried very hard to get records and wasted four weeks with back and forth with Singapore MoH. We looked at titer testing, which would be well into the hundreds and probably over a thousand dollars for all three applicants. We considered going to the civil surgeon first and having him give us the requirements. We have called at least a dozen and they are all basically disgustingly raping the finances of U.S. immigration applicants. At the end of the day, we decided to just get all the required shots done up front, on U.S. paperwork, so all the civil surgeon needs to do is sign off on them. The whole thing cost me $140 – I figure that’s a good use of my tax dollars.

    The next step is the civil surgeon – I’ll try to update this with what happens there, but I thought I would share some insight as to this incredibly expensive, time consuming, and complicated process.

    • December 15, 2016 at 12:50 am

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Stephanie J
    November 29, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Hello, what kind blood work required for to obtain green card in USA?

  4. October 2, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Its very funny what you describe how you describe the whole process. I paid $129. And justa one word word of caution – don’t be using insurance – you are commiting mistake. I asked my insurance. Yes, routine vaccine is covered for me but not for immigration purpose. So call and check before you go to your doctor for immigration checkup.

  5. Anjali
    August 26, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    What happens if someone is positive to any of the vaccine preventable ailments like Hep B or chicken pox? Does it mean he or she will be rejected?

  6. Habibi
    August 25, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Any good recommendations on doctors for vaccine in Phily?

  7. teena varghese
    May 6, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    hello, i am going for my medical check up for immigration for US , i have taken the vaccination for MMR, DPT, Hepatitis B and other couple of them , but i lost all the records . So what should i do when i go for the medical check up

    • May 6, 2015 at 5:16 pm

      You can ask your doctor to send for lab test which proves you got those vaccines

    • prazzi
      July 7, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      please can any one tell me where i could undergo this whole process in Boston at low cost.i haveno records vaccines and blood-test. Any input will be greatly appreciated

  8. Alejandra
    March 19, 2015 at 12:56 am

    Hi, I just came across your blog post and I am researching about vaccines. I had a couple of questions that no one answers:

    Do you need to translate any documents (vaccine proof) and notarized them before taking them to the doctor? I come from a Spanish speaking country and every card is in Spanish.

    Can you show the copies of the vaccination cards or do you need the originals?

    I am 26 and I don’t really know what vaccines I am required to have so I am trying to get as much information as possible.

    Thank you!

    • March 22, 2015 at 3:05 am

      I would call the doctor’s office where you plan to go for Medical Exam. They should be able to point you in the right direction.
      As mentioned in my post, the doctor can suggest you to go for a lab test to see if you need certain vaccines or not.

    • October 2, 2015 at 10:24 am

      It is accepted

  9. Elizabeth
    October 30, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    For our Green Card medical checkup we went to Statcare Urgent Care (walk in clinic-no appointments) located at- Astoria, Queens
    37-15, 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105. Phone: (347) 808-8830
    They charged us a total of $ 139 for the TB skin test (PPD Test), blood test for Syphilis and lab charges ($ 129 + $ 10). Then asked us to take vaccinations for MMR, T-DAP, Influenza (flu shots are needed if you apply for a green card between October and March because it is the flu season) and Varicella (commonly known as chicken pox, if you have a history, they will perform a blood test which costs about $ 50 extra or you should have the valid proofs and records). If you have not had chicken pox you can also perform a blood test to just confirm whether you are immune or not. Thankfully, we opted for the blood test and we were found to be immune even though we did not have chicken pox history so it saved us from taking the Varicella Vaccination. If you are not immune, the Varicella vaccination costs anything between $ 73 approx. (Walgreens) to $ 170 (Statcare). None of the vaccinations for the Green Card are covered by insurance. It is also said that if you lie about it and are caught, health insurance offence is a federal offense and your Green Card will be denied. It is up to you, I guess.
    Also, please note that there is a sequence for these vaccinations at some clinics (namely- The Fort Green Health Centre). Varicella (if not immune) is to be taken before MMR. They have to be taken on the same day. So please confirm all the procedures before going in just so you avoid running around in circles and unnecessary delays.
    If MMR is taken first, you might have to wait for 3-4 weeks before you can take the varicella vaccination. These rules keep on changing I suppose, so it would be better to confirm with the clinic that you visit than be stuck in delays.

    Price for the vaccinations:
    Statcare: T-DAP: $ 75; MMR: $ 115; Varicella: $ 170; Influenza: $ 25
    Walgreens: T-DAP: $ 63.99, MMR: $ 99.99, Varicella: $ 72.99, Influenza: $ 31.99
    Statcare were gracious enough to supply us with the information about a Free Vaccination Clinic in Brooklyn namely the Fort Green Health Center: 295 Flatbush Ave. Extension- 5th floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 (corner of Willoughby St. & Flatbush Ave.); Phone: 347 396 2400. They did not have the Varicella vaccination but the other three were absolutely free. The clinic is a walk in clinic and do not take appointments.

    • November 7, 2014 at 6:47 pm

      Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your experience.

    • M.A
      April 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm

      Thank you so much for your info. Very helpful and so far this is by far the cheapest medical exam in NYC I have found.

    • October 2, 2015 at 9:52 am

      They do cheapest green card medical exam in NYC, New Jersey (Long island too). http://www.statcarewalkin.com/immigration_physical_long_island_uscis_form_i693
      The convenient part apart from low cost is they are open 7 days till late at nightand can also do an X-Ray. You are right about not sticking it to the insurance company – my insurance said no once they found out it is for immigration. Healthcare fraud is a federal fraud like cable box fraud. The Civil Surgeon verified that you will lose your citizenship at any time in your life if a flaw or fraudulent issue is found in your application (Technical Denial). The doctor too cannot submit to insurance she told me.

    • October 2, 2015 at 10:18 am

      I went there too. And I ended up going to the Brooklyn Office one time because I missed the date and they have same system – so they made new document set in Brooklyn for me at no extra charge at 10 oclock – they are open till 11 there. (it was my mistake that I missed coming but they had no extra charge to do my paper in Brooklyn – saved me another trip!!!) And even give it to me in a special security envelope. I even sent my cousins whole family who came from DC (there is no good one in DC area) and they stayed for long weekend and finished paper and went back and still it was cheaper for them, can you believe it? In DC, they charge upward of 400 dollars. The Tb test takes 2 days so they needed to stay the weekend. And this clinic is open all year. http://www.statcarewalkin.com/immigration_physical_long_island_uscis_form_i693
      Save money and time. And don’t cook up your vaccine stuff. It’s all free anyways when they send you. Good luck!

  10. October 27, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    Please don’t go in Virginia to the Dulles Urgent Care Center to get your exam they charge $600 for the basic exam. My son took his wife there and ask for the price they told him that they have to see the person before giving him the price. They did the blood test and handed him a bill for $600 without any explanation, when I called to asked for the reason the lady that answered the phone name Carla said that because it was in Virgina prices are higher, I don’t think this is right. the doctor in MD charges $100.

  11. freshoftheboat
    October 18, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    I have made an apt with the uscis doc. He is charging $150 for basic physical and filling paperwork. Everything else he is charging including TB, syphilis, vaccinations. I have gotten all vaccinations and titer done earlier this year thru my PCP.

    Can I go and get my TB and syphilis done thru my PCP and just take the paperwork over to the uscis doc?

    Also what is communal disease A/B? is there a titer for that or injection?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • October 18, 2014 at 8:53 pm

      Yes, you can get the vaccination through your PCP and take that records with you.

      • Freshoftheboat
        October 28, 2014 at 12:27 am

        Hello- I found on uscis website that you can go to ur pcp and get all test done . However the pcp will have to sign, and date the document… Which isn’t a problem. So i got all my vaccinations (tetanus booster, hep a, hep b, flu), titer (for varicella, MMR), blood test (for syphilis), and Igra for TB done. Now I’ll take all this to the medical doc and wil let you guys know how it goes.

  12. san
    October 4, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    It went really bad with me. The doctor I searched from USCIS charge me a lot. $160 – PE + $65 – TB Skin test, $110 – Xray, $85 – Syphillus and trying to get more money out of me by giving some unnecessary vaccines. This is ridiculous $420 and plus vaccination, it doesn’t sound good at all for me. It sounds like I got cheated..

    • October 2, 2015 at 10:30 am

      The USCIS only make recomendation. you can pick and choose anyone and go to any doctor that is certified by the immigration to do uscis physical exam. No restriction at all. Just go where it is economical and someplace that do a lot of them. I went to place where they do hundreds so it was 1,2,3 for me. I was the 18th person there at 10:30 night appt which I made 1 day before. i was talking and there were people from france, sweden, haiti, jamaica, hungary with family member as many dont speak good english like all of us desi’s (we are lucky that way). it is not simple to do for all countries and they are doing it. http://www.statcarewalkin.com/immigration_physical_long_island_uscis_form_i693
      But you can literally go anywhere. just search on google. best search engine.

  13. Pablo
    October 1, 2014 at 12:37 am

    I live in Bakersfield, CA. My plan is Cigna HMO. It covers all the vaccinations, however does not cover the paperwork of I-693. Doctor charged me $175.

    • October 1, 2014 at 12:40 am

      Thanks for sharing the info Pablo.

  14. June 29, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    Great detail about the vaccination. You can find more immigration physician in Maryland here http://www.topimmigrationdoctor.com/

    • June 30, 2014 at 3:56 pm

      Thanks for sharing the information.

  15. Rajendra Paudel
    April 18, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    Very helpful. Thanks for the detailed information.

  16. Lucy
    March 16, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    do you prepare the I-693 form before bio-metrics, or just before the interview? Thank you~

    • March 16, 2014 at 9:10 pm

      Are you under Consular Processing? The medical exam will be valid for 12 months.
      I don’t know at what point you submit the medical, when under consular processing.

      • Lucy
        March 17, 2014 at 8:52 pm

        I think I will be able to get I-693 before biometrics~ thank you so much for your information. that helps me a lot~ I appreciate it.

  17. Jen Candamil
    March 11, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Brice Medical Center, Inc. | 300 Washington Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
    (908) 355-0664 / Medical Exam including vaccines is just $250 . I was looking from North Jersey to South and also in NY and this place is by far the cheapest one . Good service and just 2 visits

    • March 11, 2014 at 8:40 pm

      Thanks Jen for sharing.

    • October 2, 2015 at 10:35 am

      From New Jersey, if you can come to Manhattan, then just take 1,2,3,4 & 5 too i believe subway from downtown to Brooklyn, come out and it is on top next to capital bank and starbucks – i paid 129+10 = 139 in Astoria branch statcare center (same price, they have a few locations). they tell you 7 days but will call you as soon as you finish because they have so much work and they want to give everyone as fast as they can. My cousins did in 3 days, I did in 4 days. desi’s are rocking this country, i tell you. fastest anywhere any field. and good too :)) oh, here is the link http://www.statcarewalkin.com/immigration_physical_long_island_uscis_form_i693

  18. Gautam
    January 20, 2014 at 4:46 am

    Here’s my experience:

    I did not have any vaccine report.

    Day 1:Went to Anthony D Blau(Green Card Medical Exams), 305 Broadway, New York, NY 10007. They charge $200 which includes blood test for TB and syphilis. No taking off pants for hernia check or no urine test. Time spent with doctor =10 min(Wait time=90 min). Asked to get only 3 shots: MMR, Tdap and Flushot(It was flu season).

    Day 2: They sent me to Fort Green Health Center-Brooklyn. It’s a New York City Government health center. Charged $4 per shot, total $12 to my health insurance.(Time Spent=15min)

    Day 3:Went back to Dr. Anthony Blau. TB test clear, gave the vaccine report, got back the sealed I-693. Time spent=15 min

    They charge $60 for X-ray if the first TB test is positive

    If you are in NY/NJ area, the above Doc and the clinic for vaccines highly recommended.

    • January 20, 2014 at 8:35 pm

      Thanks Gautam for sharing your experience.

    • October 2, 2015 at 10:06 am

      I paid $129. Desi doctor too. Open till 8 PM in Astoria Office 4 min walk and 11 PM in Brooklyn office above subway station itself. Very very convenient.

      Same free clinic. But they don’t do varicella so best to just get blood test and get it over with. The civil surgeon envelope I got is pre-printed and has a special seal tape – really very nice. My friend followed advice on a blog like this somewhere and got fake letter from doctor in India re: vaccine (Regrets it now of course and said that was her husbands stupidity and now it is a risk for entire life). She got it done at Dr. Blau and said hers was nothing like my sealed envelope. Another tip – I heard from someone that many places you get XRay and then they recommend CT Chest for this and that they see on XRay and it gets crazy. Me and my husband had a good experience. They ask questions about medical problems but the doctors exam of me was simple and no one had to take any clothes off and no hernia check or breast check or anything like that. Personally, I like Desi doctor any day over someone else. They have far more knowledge and they know what Tb is and what you need and what you don’t need. Just my opinion.

  19. Alaitz
    October 1, 2013 at 3:23 am

    Great post! Thanks a lot for the info! I’ll be going through that process soon.
    I only have a question regarding the medical records that the doctor asked you have:
    Did you only bring the vaccination records? Or they asked for something else? I only have that with me in the States, so I’d be in trouble if they ask for more than that.
    And one last question: Did you have to translate the vaccination records into English?

    • October 1, 2013 at 7:49 pm

      – Doctor will ask for any vaccination records. If you have got certain vaccination but don’t have records, you will either have to do a lab test to prove you have to got it.
      – The records I have are in English. But I think, yes you might have to get it translated.

      • October 2, 2015 at 10:08 am

        Not if you go to doctor that knows their medical. The USCIS site says doctor can accept any language but you as immigrant cannot translate for doctor and give to doctor to accept. Google translates it. I went to desi doctor in Astoria. No problem at all.

  20. July 12, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    Very informative, thorough. And funny. Thank you.

  21. Luken
    May 9, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Hey everyone I found a DR here in lawrenceville Ga ( I think she has a Duluth Ga office too) & the shots were $250 for 3 & $200 too see her without insurance…..name is Meena Shah Gwinnett Clinic

  22. Kate
    April 5, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    It was very helpful! Thank you so much!

  23. Deepthi
    February 23, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Does anyone has a vaccination record from India.I need a format please..

    • February 23, 2013 at 10:20 pm

      I don’t know if there is any standard format. The record I have is a hand-written on Dr.’s letterhead mentioning
      a)Vaccine name
      c)Dose number(i.e. if required 3 doses whether it’s first/second or third) and
      d) I think there’s some vaccine ID number
      e) Stamp and signature of doctor.

  24. ramesh
    December 20, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Thank you so much. Your post was really helpful. I guess they take the blood sample to test syphilis (RPR)- at least this what the doc said in my case. Most insurances completely cover the cost of all preventive vaccinations recommended by CDC.

  25. Elizabeth
    August 17, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Hey! Just wanted to say awesome post.Its nice to get to see a well described detailed experience documented online. The usual resources that come up dont inspire much confidence

  26. gcp
    July 1, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    thanks desiways… for ur immediate reply… i have gone thru. ur blog. it is really good.. sharing many things that u have gone through. Regarding I693 form, doctor asked me about Attorney name, which i was not sure as my company is filing it.

    Also i hope u wud have got gc at this time. also pls. share ur gc right from filling to getting card experience.

    • July 1, 2012 at 10:13 pm

      Yes, I did get my GC. I am one of those who got their GCs before the date retrogressed back to 15Aug07 in May2012.
      Actually my case went very smooth without any complications. I provided the docs asked my the attorney once and next time I emailed him was to tell that I got my GC.
      Still I will try to put together the process I went through in a blog post.

  27. gcp
    July 1, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Hi, I went to uscis listed doctor yesterday. he has got $400 as cash for two injections(one on the right hand that swells for a while and other on the left hand), blood test and i got to go on again on monday for other results.

    My question is i am having aetna pos2 plan. i cud see i hav diagnostic check as per plan. as this is the first time, i hav to contact insurance, is there anything that i shd take care to get the claim? i have the receipt given by doc.

    • July 1, 2012 at 3:23 pm

      If that doctor does not fall under atena’s provider list it might be difficult to get the claim approved.
      I don’t know much about aetna but it would depend upon your plan.
      When I called my insurance, I told that doctor wants me to take these vaccines and they paid for the services by my primary doctor but not the one by USCIS doctor as he don’t accept any insurance.

  28. justme
    June 1, 2012 at 2:40 am

    Your post was very informative… I live in NJ can anyone suggest a reasonable and reliable doc for my medical exam..

  29. Coolest
    April 11, 2012 at 1:05 am

    Very helpful and descriptive post, thanks.

    To add some more information to this blog post:I just got my exam done last week. Hepa/b were not needed. Only TdaP, MMR, and Varicella were needed. The doc waived my Varicella requirement because I’ve had chickenpox (just told him this, no written proof). I’m in my mid-30s. No vision or hernia tests.

  30. Anjali
    February 29, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks, that helps!

  31. Anjali
    February 29, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Thanks for the quick response! Isn’t the vaccinations details in the I693 form http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-693.pdf?
    Are these all required or does that list vary person to person?

    • February 29, 2012 at 7:46 pm

      Yes the vaccinations are listed on I693 but it will vary depending on your age and medical history.
      Certain vaccinations are not age appropriate or you might have got some of them in past and have recoreds or you might not need Varicella if you had chicken-pox in past, etc.
      In my case, the CS I went to didn’t accept insurance at all but he gave me a list of vaccines I needed. I took that to my PCP and insuance covered those.

  32. Anjali
    February 29, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    There are few doctors that are with my Insurance provider and also recommeded by USCIS. However when I asked them that vaccinations are covered by insurance I got a response that immegration process is not covered by Insurance and hence the vaccination cost will be out of pocket. Any comments on how to deal with this situation?

    • February 29, 2012 at 7:08 pm

      I think the doctor is trying to extort money from your pocket as insurance doesn’t pay them a lot. Ask him/her what and all vaccines are needed and tell you will get it at some other place.
      Go to another doctor who accepts your insurance. Don’t mention anything about immigration unless asked, just say you need to get it done. Most likely they don’t care as long as they get paid by insurance.

  33. Ram
    February 13, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience in detail. Very informative.
    I recently got an appointment with a CS near by and he offered everything for 275 in cash.
    Which includes the checkup, 3 vaccines I believe and blood work…all inclusive is what the lady told me when I took the appointment. For the record I don’t have insurance right now.

    So does it sound like a good package ? And anything I need to be mindful of before my visit.
    your comments are appreciated.


    • February 13, 2012 at 5:38 pm

      From what my physician billed the Insurance, $275 sounds ok but it again depends what vaccines are included.
      I have heard of some community health centers. I am not sure how much they charge for vaccines. You might also want to check with Walgreens.
      One thing you must take care these days is taking Flushot even if the CS doesn’t recommend. People are getting RFE’s for not getting flushot. Flushots runs for around $25.

      • Ram
        February 14, 2012 at 7:40 pm

        Thanks. Will keep that in mind.
        Will update the comments section after my drill.

  34. Neeraj
    February 1, 2012 at 3:25 am

    Great information provided here. My date becomes current in Feb. One issue which I did not see getting discussed is what if we get a letter from a doctor in India stating that we have taken these vaccines at certain dates. Would the civil surgeon be satisfied with this letter or will they verify for antibodies?

    • February 1, 2012 at 3:30 am

      Yes, a letter from doctor in India should be fine. I had it and the CS attached a copy of it in the package with the form. To be clear, if you get a letter now with dates for vaccines in past it will create doubts. So if you have taken vaccines, why not just get antibodies test and have a real record. I would’t take chance.

      • Neeraj
        February 2, 2012 at 7:48 am

        My wife is traveling to India. Can she get the vaccinations and required tests done in India and bring the letter. This way we can save on the costs here as insurance may not cover everything.

      • February 2, 2012 at 4:42 pm

        Yes, if you get vaccination from India and get that record it should work fine with the CS here.

  35. ttt
    January 9, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    I called the doctor and told then I have Kaiser Insurance, they said they can see what they can do. But once I was there they just skipped the insurance part and said you need to take these vaccinations as you don’t have any proof. Plus I had to pay $150 (doctor) and $130 for MMR TDAP and TB test.
    They told me to get flu vaccine also, as they were out of it. Come back after 2 days.
    Later I went to Kaiser and found that flu vaccine is free and so is MMR and TDAP and TB test. And the best part is I don’t need any appointment at Kaiser it was just walk-in and the nurse administers it.
    So guys if you have insurance , tell the doctor and don’t cave in.

  36. ttt
    January 9, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    The important vaccine needed are TDAP and MMR. TDAP stands for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. Then MMR stands for measles, mumps, and rubella.
    So in fact you are injecting 6 germs in your body apart from the suspended solution which has metals and probably mercury.
    I would say get you blood tested first, that way you won’t need to inject these in your body if you don’t have to.
    If you have insurance then certainly get the blood test.

  37. nimrit
    January 8, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Hello, Can some one guide me what needs to be filled for A-Number on the form. Thnx

    • January 8, 2012 at 1:48 am

      I left it empty as I didn’t knew. But you can find that on I-140 approval if you have that.

    • Shesh
      January 8, 2012 at 2:13 am

      It’s your Alien Number which is usually on I-797 Notice of Action. It starts with “A”. If you don’t see it, it’s OK to leave blank.

      • January 9, 2012 at 10:25 pm

        Just to be clear, I797 Notice of Action for I140 as you get the same notice for H1B and other approval as well.

  38. rsn
    January 6, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks for your responses 🙂 I found a USCIS Doctor that will submit part of my exam to the insurance..so I am settling with the one that costs a little more but gives me peace of mind. Thanks again!

  39. rsn
    January 5, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Hello, I reached your post when searching for some answers. I live in the Houston Area and I need to get the entire package (I don’t have my medical records with me). I called a couple of doctors and I am really confused about their pricing! One doctor’s office says they will charge me $230 for everything (Blood work, Skin Test, Vaccinations) and then the other says they charge $480 for the same thing. I’m tempted to use the one that charges less (cash only is their policy!) but I’m worried if they know their job!! Any ideas on this? Would it be safe to go with the cash only person?Thanks in advance!

    • January 5, 2012 at 10:32 pm

      I did come across similar doctor who said they accept cash only.
      I would see the location of the clinic and the doctors around can give some idea. Check for reviews on yelp / friends if any. If close by you can go and talk/check the clinic personally.
      Did you check with your insurance if they cover the vaccines? Vaccines fall under preventive medicines or something like that.

    • Shesh
      January 6, 2012 at 3:23 am

      Always rely on the USCIS recommended civil surgeons. It shouldn’t matter I guess if you pay cash unless they are not the USCIS list of civil surgeons.

      • October 2, 2015 at 10:37 am

        you can pick your own go to someone economical in houston. there is no requirement. find a desi doctor as many of them do this.

  40. mvkp
    December 29, 2011 at 1:24 am

    Very nice post and thanks for sharing! one question, did Insurance finally paid for your vaccination tests administred through your doctor? If it covers through insurance, I want to go for that rather than going for these at walgreens!!

    • December 29, 2011 at 3:11 am

      Yes, my insurance paid everything. I only paid 25 dolllars as office visit. You must check with your insurance first.

  41. Raj
    December 23, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    Hi.. nice post, it answered lot of questions. I need to go for my Medicals. I dont have any record of my previous vaccinations. I have one question. Will the authorized doctor give the sealed medical records after first dose (for HepB or HepA) or will he ask us to wait until the last dose (for 6 months) is taken before giving the signed medical papers? If he gives the papers after 1st dose, will we get the green card in normal duration (assuming nothing else is queried) or will a RFE be generated for the final doses?
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


    • December 23, 2011 at 10:40 pm

      You should be ok with first dose. I still need to take 1 dose each for HepA/B. What I think mostly matters is the CS’s marking at the end on the Vaccine list page:

      “Vaccine history complete for each vaccine, all requirements met”

      If that is checked I don’t think UCSIC will question anything (obviously unless they smell foul-play).

      So ask for a copy before the CS seals the envelop and check the details and make sure the above checkbox is marked.

  42. Shaan
    December 16, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Awesome man! great to see you shared your experience in a detailed and informative way. I like the blog…

  43. Shesh
    December 16, 2011 at 3:25 am

    Excellent work ! Nice post, I completely loved it. Thanks so much for the detailed information.

  44. DK
    December 15, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    My doctor told me that HepA and HepB is only required for under 19 and only four are required for above 20. Td, MMR, Varicella and Flu.

    Is this correct ?

    • December 15, 2011 at 9:57 pm

      I doubt that. I had HepB(dose1) few years back. So my physician gave me HepB(Dose 2) and HepA(Dose1). Asked me to go after 6 months for HepB(dose3 – last) and HepA(Dose 2- last).

  45. December 11, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Great Info! Thanks for documenting this process

    • Jay
      December 12, 2011 at 3:59 am

      Hi Chris or Anyone,

      Please post if you know of a good immigration doctor in Atlanta (Duluth, Suwanee, Alpharetta ) area.



  46. chris
    November 11, 2011 at 12:15 am

    i finished my medical exams at my PCP office and my Insurance paid $450 for all vaccinations including Chest x ray. I have CIGNA HMO plan and they covered everything. I am going next week to finish documentation at Immigration doctors office. i am in GA and one doc is charging @200 cash without insurance (this included vaccinations and documentation) and if you have all vaccinations just for $60 for documentation.

    Please let me know if anybody is looking for contact information in Atlanta, GA

    • Suprakash
      December 14, 2011 at 7:09 pm

      Hi Chris,

      Could you provide the doctor’s name who charges $60 for documentation.

    • Kiran
      February 7, 2012 at 7:55 pm


      Could you provide the doctor’s name who charges $60 for test and paperworks?

      • October 2, 2015 at 10:47 am

        be careful. i heard this too on a post somehwere. I dont know name but this doctor is definitely on hillside in queens (a pakistani doctor) or this is the guy in bronx – he is from some african country, an african doctor – one of these two people for the life of me i cannot recall now because i did so much reading – but search it and you should find it on google. But for 60 dollars he is injecting water not vaccine I read because somebody called his office and posted that the price he charge is less than even CVS and Walgreen. The place i sent my cousin, they have actual vial and papers and show you everything – the fridge has special temperature machine to maintain the vaccine. it is called statcare. but they are only here for people in manhattan and new york new jersey area, not in georgia, sorry i cant help you there.

    • Habou
      November 4, 2015 at 9:52 pm

      could you please provide the doctor’s name? Thank you

  47. Vikas
    October 31, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Excellent info! Thanks!

  48. Indian
    October 27, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Indian :
    My date is not current yet, expecting in next bulletin.
    How about going to civil surgeon who is USCIS authorized & in-network to my insurance for general appointment to get vaccines and IGRA test.
    So that I can use those later when my date become current.

    Any Suggestion ?

    • October 27, 2011 at 4:20 pm

      Getting vaccines in advance shouldn’t be an issue. Most vaccines you just need to take once in your life and some are valid for years.
      But if you are considering getting I-693 medical examination then keep in mind that the examination is valid for one year only. So if you know you will be current in next few months that’s ok but if you think it might take more than a year, then just get the Vaccines and go for I693 when your date become current.

  49. Indian
    October 26, 2011 at 9:05 pm


    Any idea about IGRA instead of TB skin test? Anybody applied with IGRA test results?


    Q. What is initial testing with interferon gamma release assay (in place of TST)?

    A. To fulfill the requirement of the initial TB testing, as of Nov. 1, 2009, civil surgeons may use interferon gamma release assay (IGRA), which are blood tests. The IGRAs that are currently acceptable to CDC are: the QuantiFERON ® TB Gold Test, the QuantiFERON® TB Gold in Tube Test, and the T-Spot ® TB Test. CDC may add additional tests. If it does, it will publish the inclusion of any test on its Web site. See the “CDC: Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons” link to the right.
    If you choose an IGRA (in place of a TST), the civil surgeon will take a blood sample from you during the medical examination. The blood is used to perform the TB initial screening test. Unlike with the TST, you will not have to return to the civil surgeon’s office to have the test result read.
    The results of the IGRA test are generally available within 24 hours of your office visit. If the result is negative, you probably will not need any further testing for TB. If the result is positive, you will be required to have a chest x-ray as a means of additional screening for TB. You may not have a TST or
    other initial screening test; the administration of more than one initial screening test is a violation of the Technical Instructions.
    There are certain exceptions to the IGRA testing requirement. For the civil surgeon to make the best determination of what is required, you should bring, at the time of your appointment with the civil surgeon, written documentation of any IGRA testing you previously had.

    • October 26, 2011 at 11:00 pm

      I don’t have any idea about it nor I heard about it before. Wondering why you would want to go for blood test? The CS cost for immigration is mostly not covered by insurance and I guess so will be the lab cost for blood test if that is done externally.
      If you are thinking of avoiding a second trip to CS, then in any case you will have to go to them second time, to collect the signed form, because CS will not sign the form until he/she get the test results.

  50. Bob
    October 24, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Another thing, When you say titer, you mean skipping getting a blood work done for vaccines already present in the body. Instead go for and get all vaccines done. if I’m not wrong this would cost $ 500-600…??

    • October 25, 2011 at 4:14 pm

      Yes, if you don’t have insurance that covers lab costs. Ask the doctor what it will cost for all the required vaccines. If it is about $500 or so then it’s better to get those vaccines instead of going for a $450 lab tests and then paying for vaccines. And as per my lab claim they charged $110 for each test, total of 4 tests(MMR and Varicella). I think they took MMR as 3 different tests.
      So say you run tests for 6 vaccines they MIGHT charge $660 for tests and if you are required to take 2 of the vaccines you will be paying $660+vaccines(may be another $150).
      Hope this helps.

  51. Bob
    October 21, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    Any idea how much it might cost without insurance ? And with no records of prior immunization. God knows where my records are..:)

    • October 24, 2011 at 4:28 pm

      I don’t know exactly how much it will cost but I vaguely remember some amounts on the paper I signed:
      It was like $75, 90, 25 amounts for different vaccines.
      Also the anti-titer lab charged my insurance 400+$ but guess how much my insurance paid to the lab…$33. I paid nothing.
      So if you don’t have insurance, I guess it would be cheaper to get all vaccines instead of running titer. Should cost about $500-600 I think.

      • Bob
        October 24, 2011 at 5:24 pm

        Thank you. Loved your thorough post. Very revealing and helpful. Though, I hope mine goes smoother.

  52. October 14, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    How much did you pay for all these ?

    • October 14, 2011 at 5:59 pm

      $120 for Civil Surgeon + $25 co-pay for physician visit for vaccination. Though I am still waiting on my insurance statement to make sure they are going to cover my vaccination costs.

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